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How does one repent and remain steadfast on the straight path?

The first thing you need to bare in mind is that Allah is the most forgiving and he is capable of forgiving any sin as long as repentance was a sincere one: Truly, Allah loves those who turn unto ...
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Am I a kafir because of my doubts?

No one can really answer your question except Allah, then you. This is a test, but here is how you can try to figure out the cause. It is a test to all, believers and non-believers alike. Tests and ...
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How does one repent and remain steadfast on the straight path?

Rainnerw, Life is a continuous struggle, you are on the correct path, you certainly know it .. but you need more weapons to empower you in that struggle. Several points to answer your long question:...
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I ended up having unprotected sex with the man I wish to marry, although I didn’t want to

What you did is extremely bad but Allah is a lord that has Mercy on his servant and forgive them, try to pray to Allah and ask for his forgiveness and don't that it as a joke because by Allah what you ...
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Low faith & struggles

Pray in salah and seek Allah's help, know the meanings of duas and surahs which are recited in salah. Start slowly,take your time in offering salah,don't take it hard on yourself,offer one time salah ...
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I think that because of my sins, my dua may not be getting accepted

I hope this will help you to get your answer. Here We all knows Allah is Ghafoor and Raheem. If we even make sins 100 times and everytime we seek for forgiveness and repent from ALLAH. He will forgive ...
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Which surah can help me get out of my depression

Assalamalaikum I wish you would be better soon but bro everything will pass soon and somehow you will forget those bad things and I wish this period of time pass quickly and don't effect on you, There'...
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Am I a kafir because of my doubts?

Asak! I'll try to answer your question but it will be in an indirect way. Below is a famous Hadith: " Hanzala Usayyidi, who was amongst the scribes of Allah's Messenger (ﷺ). reported: I met Abu ...
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Am I a kafir because of my doubts?

If you do not have conviction that all the essentials of islam are true, then that makes you a kafir. The essentials include at the very least that Allah is the only god there has ever been, that ...
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