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Is there any ruling about not paying off your debt and spending on yourself?

In Islam, debt is not a state that is encouraged to be in. In fact the Prophet (SAW) used to seek refuge from being in debt: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) used to make supplication during the prayer ...
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What if person dies in debt?

All Praise to Allah Subhanahu wa Taala and blessings of him be on Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him his family and companions It was narrated that Muhammad bin Jahsh said: "We were sitting with the ...
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How do I pay back the debt I owed to my deceased mother?

A receivable debt remains part of the lender's property and is payable even if the lender dies. If the lender dies, all his wealth, including receivables, is the property of the heirs (according to ...
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I forgot to pay for bus travel it's 5rs I don't exactly remember the bus name and how to find it what should I do?

Give 5rs as charity on behalf of the person to who you owe the debt.
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Debt to a non muslim

I can't imagine that in these modern times you neither have an Adress nor Email nor Phone contact of this person nor know anybody who could act as an intermediate to get any of these. Maybe it is even ...
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How do you pay your debts to your parents?

Recite as many ayahs as possible. Read surah yaseen and ayatul kursi.
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Do i need to pay debt i loaned as a kid

These conditions below would give you a pass on sins or islamic responsibilities, You were not a muslim back then, 2. You were a child (did not reach puberty), 3. You had some cognitive deficiency, 4....
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Is it compulsory to settle all debts prior to performing Hajj (pilgrimage)?

Generally speaking, it is better to repay the debt than to perform hajj, but it may not be permitted to perform hajj if repayment is due. Performing hajj (pilgrimage) is conditional: One has to be ...
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If interest is haram, how can a Muslim get a house or a car in modern times?

There are special programs for this. Basically, you purchase the house or car and pay no interest, but in addition to your principle payments you also pay "rent" to the bank (or trust) which is ...
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