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What is ruling of darood tanjina

This Dua'a (darood) has no reference from the Hadith of the prophet nor the companions, but it was mentioned in couple of ancient heritage books, one of them is Kitab al-Qawl al-Badi' fi as-Salati '...
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Difference between Darood-Ibrahim and Salam

Well, Durood is we pray to Allah for blessings on Prophet (SAW) and Salam is we sent the Greetings directly to our Prophet. For further assistance, you can read the blog for difference between Durood-...
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Difference between Darood-Ibrahim and Salam

A simple and short answer about the difference between Darood and sending salat-o-salam is: That what you call Darood Ibrahim (or as-salat al-ibrahimiya) is/was what the Prophet () himself taught ...
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