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Do Salafis disapprove of Nowruz?

Do Salafis disapprove of Nowruz? Probably they do. Salafi sources seems to indicate that they consider celebrating Nowruz as haram. IslamQA (the most reputable and popular Salafi website) writes in a ...
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How is blood viewed from an Islamic perspective?

Peace be upon you as well, I hope I'll be the right fit in answering your question :) ABRAHAM'S SACRIFICE In Islam, there is no idea of a "blood sacrifice" that alleviates sin. The closest ...
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Is there any Islamic basis for giving food when someone completes recitation of the Qu'ran or when someone dies?

The sunnah of feeding (poor) people This is covered in both sahih's and the three sunan books A person asked Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) . "What (sort of) deeds in or (what qualities of) Islam are ...
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How is blood viewed from an Islamic perspective?

Blood is forbidden to consume, specifically blood that flows out. See the Quran 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 and 16:115. Blood is ritually unclean, so one can not pray while their body, clothing or location is ...
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Acceptable to wish someone "happy Eid" before the end of Ramadan?

I think by doing so you will bring smile for your friend so say it Happy Eid in advance. It is the same "Eidun Sa'eed" in English. You and your friend know that you are not going to meat again ...
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Acceptable to wish someone "happy Eid" before the end of Ramadan?

Congratulating on a "Eid" in Islam is fine as long as it is in Islam(not a birthday or related) But if you're asking culturally, then Eid: The last day he fasts in is still in Ramadan, as soon as the ...
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Is it permissible to write a fictional story in which there are non-Muslim characters?

I would edit your question to end with "Please, brothers and sisters, I need an urgent answer". Onto the answer. First of all, the default in Islam is that anything that is not forbidden is allowed. ...
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Why do Shia celebrate Nowruz?

Nawroz has been celebrated before Islam and has roots in Zoroastrianism. They perform many religious practices during Nawroz celebration. Today it is celebrated by Muslims just as the first day of the ...
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Are all of the laws in the Quran/Haddith/Islam relevant to modern (western) society?

' but the prescription for certain crimes such as theft where the offender loses limbs seem unnecessary,' You are right that theft of a $100 can not be compared to robbing someone of their life's ...
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