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Is wear light makeup when going to family gatherings haram

سلام علیکم و رحمة الله و برکاته، Wearing makeup in front of strangers is haram, whether they are among our family (like cousins) or not. However, determining the antitypes of a makeup depend on the ...
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Can I offer my Namaz while wearing makeup?

No, you can not offer prayer by applying nail paint on your nails because it makes layer on the nails and prevent water from penetrating to the skin while ablution. if it is not permissible for ...
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Can we pray with make up on?

Judging from online fatawa (below), this is ordinarily acceptable. Some concerns arose: the purity of the makeup, the makeup possibly invalidating wudu, and the possibility of wearing makeup in ...
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If beauty/grooming/health products are tested on animals, are they haram?

TL;DR: This is hard to answer, and I doubt a simple yes/no answer is possible. I highlight three points: unofficial sources claim halal certification requires no animal testing; it's not clear what &...
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Is it haram to wear make-up?

It is not allowed to go out in public wearing any makeup unless your face is veiled and the makeup won't be seen. It seems common these days the Muslimah will say "but I'm not wearing it to attract ...
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