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Can a traveller only combine two prayers together at max?

It is not allowed to combine more than two prayers together, and the prayers combined can only be: Dhuhr and 'asr, either during the time of dhuhr (taqdīm) or 'asr (ta'khīr), or Maghrib and 'ishā', ...
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Missing Maghrib salah due to not being able to pray it outside

Ask for a 5 minute break to use bathroom then make wudu InshaAllah and find any place mosque or no mosque to pray at designated time of maghrib inshallah. Maybe the closet, a basement, unused rooms, ...
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What other explanations of the hadith of combining prayers (Sahih Muslim 1636) are given by Muslim scholars?

In short they explain such ahadith as follows: It was because of a valid excuse (such as travel, illness, rain or fear). Note that the majority of the madhabs allow for combining prayers due to one ...
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