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Is watching animes like Naruto haram?

The answer to this question needs diversified discussions which may be broken down as below points! Time Management Islamic Views of Entainment Slow poisoning Cultural conflicts and conflicts in ...
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Watching animes for fun

Aslamu Walaykum If the anime that you are watching does not include nudity, haram relationships, neither does it distract you from remembering Allah, and doing your chores. Then it is permissible to ...
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General, Common Ruling on drawing images/pictures Drawing animate objects in general is strictly prohibited under Sharee’ah. It is basically included in the prohibition and threat reported in Sharee’...
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Using vector Illustrations is haram?

The injunction is against idolatry; this, at the time of the Prophet (pbuh) was signified by carved idols. And hence the injunction against images. So long as the intention is not to worship the image ...
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Is it haraam to watch images of anime that are semi naked?

Anything which leads you to watch some inappropriate images or videos or may bring you to do inappropriate move, is a sin and also affect your life circumstances badly.
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Is downloading cartoon images Haram?

This is a very debatable Mas'ala in Fiqh, so no one can give the ultimate Fatwa, but if a good Scholar give a Fatwa (even if you don't feel comfortable with it for any reason) You have to obey the ...
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Is watching animated cartoons allowed?

It's not haram. It's a cartoon and there is no indication from those who have created this cartoon that one is supposed to worship it. Notably you say nothing about tv programmes which involve ...
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