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Is it permissible to work in a bank in Islam?

Banks serve a very important function in current society. Unfortunately, one of those activities also includes dealing with interest. But, leaving that aside, most of the halal businesses would not ...
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I want to buy a product but they only accept credit cards so can I apply for one and buy the product?

I am from India and in same situation like yours. I need to make payments for hosting and other services through credit card. Recently I got a credit card from my bank which has auto debit feature, ...
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What happens in a Murabaha mortgage when the seller defaults?

maybe i can help a little, i work at one of islamic/syariah bank in indonesia. according to my associate, apart from reconstruction or rescheduling, in case of default, rather than grab the house ...
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Is it permissible to work in a financial institution, if you work in a role that does not directly deal with riba?

The nature of riba in Islam How do you think about this issue? I need some perspective on this, but perhaps I am being too idealistic in the world we live in? NO, you are definitively not too ...
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Getting riba unwillingly

Utilizing interest from non Muslim is allowed. only receiving interest from Zammi non Muslims (کافر ذمی) is not allowed. and they are non Muslims living under an Islamic state and paying Islamic tax (...
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Do the principles of Islamic finance apply to central banking?

In simplest terms, Islamic principles need to apply to all aspects of life and government. Which means the principles of Islamic finance need to apply to all financial transactions, regardless of ...
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is that was a punishment from Allah not obeying my father God does not usually intervene immediately on our deeds, neither the good deeds nor the bad deeds. He admonishes us to be good and patient. ...
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Bank IT Job if the Salary is not Given by the Bank

In one sense, it is not Halal. But another sense it is not If your country is not a Islamic country, you cannot avoid the country's economic system that stands on a Haram basis. So in that country ...
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Using PayPal to pay for goods and services

Paypal is just a virtual payment processor, it's halal if your balance/money source is also halal. Make sure you don't use the debit/credit card that has riba/interest to fund the money. Islam Q&A ...
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Where are free from riba countries?

No where really. Iran purports to have a 100% shariah compliant financial sector, as does Sudan. Other than that, the biggest markets for Islamic Banking are places such as Saudi, UAE, Malaysia - but ...
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Is buying a car on installments from a commercial Islamic bank haram?

It wouldn't be much of an Islamic bank if it were haram. There are ways to make it halal, and you can contact the bank to ask for details and some Islamic banks have fatawa declaring it halal. The ...
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What to do to prevent or overcome bank interest (riba)?

There are Muslim charities to which you can donate to "cleanse your income" in Islamic ways. For example, Islamic Aid write: Can I donate interest money to Islamic Aid? Yes, you can. We ...
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Is it haram to invest on a bank's stock that has interest as a source of income?

Every transaction or investment that contains interest/riba is not allowed in Islam. Maybe you interesting to do sharia investment called Mudharabah and Musyarakah
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Is it haram to invest on a bank's stock that has interest as a source of income?

It is haram to invest when there is interest involved. Interest is called riba in arabic and interest on investment or loan is called riba an-nasiya which means an excess charged for a loan in cash or ...
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