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In my earlier comments I made the following things clear: سماوات (Samwaat) or السماوات (as-Samawaat) Is the plural of: سماء (Samaa') or السماء (as-Samaa') So far so good. Then I made the following claim that needs to be verified: Because singular is related to the sky we know, while plural refers to all the skies/heavens which Allah created. Allah ...


Alsalam alikum brother/syster. First of all it never wrong to do ask for forgivness for what ever because we never know when we do wrong. Now to the answer. If you dont mean it then inshallah the hadith of the prophet is the thing that applies which is "All work are with intentions, if you were travling with the intent that it is for Allah sake then it ...


AsSalamAlaykum, The whole phrase "JazakAllah Khair" (جزاك الله خير) translated is “May Allah reward you with good”. It is used as a better alternative to thanking someone - you say a prayer for him/her. For details refer to this article. Avoid using "JazaakAllah" alone because it is incomplete, because literally translated "Jaza"...


The basic answer is that Nabi means "Prophet" in English but Rasul means "Messenger" in English.


Its an Ali Talib reference, I believe due to his sleeping environment re: dust.

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