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Why did Allah only forgive Adam and not eve?

The reason for this specification is that Hawwa followed Adam (AS) and husbands are supposed to lead their wives and prophets are supposed to lead their followers towards good. That is why both Adam (...
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Do Arabs really speak with lengthened sounds?

Reciting the Quran is not an everyday conversation it is a ceremonial recital. Arabs might not elongate sounds that much in conversations but they do embellish words when reciting. In English ...
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Do Arabs really speak with lengthened sounds?

I think it's because the madd is actually based on how the prophet would recite the Quran in his tilawah.
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What's the difference between the word "al-bahra" and "al-yammi" in the Quran?

On the meaning of "Al-Bahr" البحر in Arabic First of all it is necessary to understand that the Arabic term Bahr بحر or al-Bahr البحر Is not specifically a synonym of the English word &...
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