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We can't answer your question as the only one who could answer it is you. Istikhara beside consulting knowledgeable people or asking for advice is what we may call a tool or possibility to help us make decisions in our life. You pray an extra nafl prayer and then make a certain du'a and ask this way for help in making a decision. Allah may lead you by ...


It depends. If you were to go out to (public) places where non-Mahram would see you, then it is Haram to put anything on your lips that would change their natural color or any kind of makeup except those used for lightening the skin without harming or damaging it (again lightening and not changing its original color). It is Haram since makeup makes women ...


(See also Qur'an 2:214, 29:2, 67:2, and 76:2, and probably other verses I haven't listed.) Suffering is also sometimes brought on by sin, and this is mentioned in the Qur'an, e.g.: And whatever strikes you of disaster - it is for what your hands have earned; but He pardons much. Quran 42:30 (See also Qur'an 30:41.) Why mankind was created is explained ...


Hope you well. This lecture might help to answer your question Why will non-Muslims go to hell if Allah made them non-Muslims


There are a lot of assumptions you're making there, no offence meant. Now, Allah is indeed omniscient. As for benevolence, we say He is the Most Merciful (not All Merciful). This means, more or less, Most Merciful out of all who show Mercy. No man should presume to restrict Him to complete and full ercy, and complete and full forgiveness all the time for ...


Because people are people, they are flawed, and much of it was an oral history before it was written down. Indeed a lot of the Torah, for example, is also things like poetry, history, poetic views on creation which are not accurate, and so on. There were many events and people involved over hundreds of years with the creation of the Torah. The overall ...

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