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I am sorry to hear you are seperated and that you must have been shocked when you found out your husband had been viewing sex websites and contacted escort sites. There are questions that arise though as to how your marriage ended up in that situation and I will raise some of them know. Why had the marriage never been consummated? Was your husband not trying? Or was it because you refused to have sex with him because of his wig? If that is the case why did you not seek a divorce much sooner. It is not right to prolong a marriage when there is no acceptance of the man or woman from the other. Also did you not see him before your wedding and I assume with his wig? If so why did you choose to marry him? It sounds like his wig must have been very natural and real looking as there are many sophisticated hair pieces out now worn by well known celebrities and sports people like Elton John, Michael Vaughan (England Cricket Captain). If you decided to stay with your husband then you should have accepted him for who he was with his hair piece and your stay should have been unconditional. If you did not like him for who he was you should not have prolonged your marriage especially if you did not find him attractive and did not do anything to beautify yourself for him. Also while his transgression is completely wrong, Allah can forgive especially if he repents and will not make the mistake again. However you must also accept the mistake and I would recommend Counselling to work on how you can show your love to Him and be a wife that beautifies herself for her husband. Obviously this is only if you ever accepted him from the moment you married him. Otherwise the divorce should have happened shortly after marriage. Finally simply ask him if he will divorce you, if so you are divorced. If he refused to offer you a divorce, then you can request one from the Sharia Council.