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Is it okay to marry your uncle in islam? [duplicate]

Salam, so I actually like my uncle who is 4 months younger than me(yes my uncle younger than me) and I think he also likes me, I wounder if it allowed to marry your uncle in islam.
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Can both male and female have their nikkah without their parents knowing but later informing everyone and have a wedding?

As-salamu alaykum, I am curious to know whether the marriage would be valid if the couple were to go off and have their nikkah with an imaam without any approval from parents on both sides. Back story:...
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Is it halal to crash or go into a wedding without invitation in Islam?

I want to ask that is it Halal or Haram to go into a unknown wedding without invitation?
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Is it compulsory to have sex right after nikkah?

Me and my guy are in a long distance relationship. Inshallah our nikkah is supposed to happen within a few weeks but we only meet once a year. Due to financial difficulties, we can’t move in together ...
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What is the proper Islamic way to conduct the function of marriage (e.g. Nikkah, and Walima)?

I lived in Pakistan, there the people do different functions for the celebrations of marriage (e.g. Hina Rasam, Barat, and Walima). In my knowledge, only Walima is acceptable in Islam (I've read some ...
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Music and dancing in weddings?

When I go to weddings (muslim women only weddings) there is usually loud music and a dance floor. The women wear nice dresses (sometimes showing too much skin) and they dance while the loud music is ...
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Is there any particular Dua for wedding night? [duplicate]

I am going to marry next month. I just want to confirm, is there any specific dua for wedding night? or two rakat nafil is enough?
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Is it permissible for a Muslim to rent a venue for a wedding, where the venue has a liquor license?

Is it permissible for a Muslim to rent a venue for a wedding, where the venue has a liquor license? Such as the venue organising to remove any form of alcohol from the venue to host the slim wedding.
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Is walima (marriage banquet) neccesary?

I am a 21 year old girl and my parents have fixed my match. The groom's family later quoted that they wont be performing walima (marriage banquet), as none in their family performed yet, they even ...
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May a Muslim attend a wedding where a Muslim woman marries a non-Muslim man?

Is it permitted for a Muslim to attend a wedding where a Muslim woman marries a non-Muslim man? Does attending such a marriage indicate support for the wedding?
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Going to a wedding involving haram activities?

"…and he who refuses to accept an invitation to a marriage feast, verily disobeys Allah and His Prophet”. (Ahmad & Abu Dawood)" I've been invited to a wedding where I know there will be free ...
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Is it permissible for a Muslim to praise another God as a courtesy during a Christian wedding?

I know some Muslims who have been invited to one of their evangelical Christian friend's weddings, and there will surely be a lot of singing and worshipping of Jesus Christ as lord and savior. Is it ...
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How should Muslim weddings be?

How much amusement is allowed? Is there any protocol for weddings? Please answer according to Sunnah.
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