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Waswasa means Delusion

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If a muslim has doubts, can he treat it as waswas?

I've done some research earlier and found out that "waswaas" and "doubts" are two entirely different things. According to the hadith, if you have waswaas, then you should just seek refuge with Allah ...
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What to do when there are doubts about wuzu?

I face a lot of doubts about wuzu that my wuzu is broken. I am really frustrated with these doubts. What can I do to save myself from these doubts ?
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Do waswas increase in evil and intensity with the increase of sins and decrease with the decrease of sins?

We know that in general the stronger the Iman is the lesser calamities someone has. Does this include waswas? Meaning that the smaller the amount of sins, the smaller the amount of waswas. Are large ...
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Talking in your mind

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu, So I go through waswaas quite often and would like to know if this is considered as a major sin or even a sin in Islam. I get bad thoughts in my mind ...
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Is it possible to enter kufr because of bad thoughts about Allah?

Lately, horrible thoughts about Allah have started popping into my head that are even scary to say. At any moment, my voice may appear in my head insulting Allah. These thoughts cause me great pain ...
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2 votes
5 answers

Am I a kafir because of my doubts?

How do I know the difference between doubts and waswaas of shaytaan? In many Islamic websites, doubts and waswaas of shaytaan are two entirely different things. These websites say that Allah will ...
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Experiencing waswas/or ocd

I reverted back to Islam a few months ago, but I have waswas especially right before I start fasting. This makes it difficult for me to brush my teeth and have suhoor and everything in peace. I ask ...
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No shaitan no worry 💔

Assalamualaikum I was born muslim ,and now i met 'wiswas' problem. I can't digest it which one was a whisper or my mind. And i always feels like whatever i have thought was made me left islam ...
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Airport dogs checking our bags

Assalaamu Alaikkum.., I'm Fathima mother of two kids and 7 months pregnant. I'm suffering with waswas problem regarding najasa.. It often comes and goes... last few days I'm having severe waswas ...
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Promise made under the influence of religious ocd

Assalamualaikum. May Allah reward you for helping me out ASAP. Ughmm i have been under the influence of ocd since 5 years mainly religious OCD. Once i made a promise to Allah that if a picture Doesn't ...
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How to differenciate thoughts?

So a person goes through waswaas quite a lot. Alhamdulilah, they felt like it is reducing now. But still thoughts about Allah (SWT) comes. The person is not sure now, if the thought is from themselves ...
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