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Questions tagged [wali]

For questions relating to a woman's wali (guardian), typically in relation to the wali's role during marriage.

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How do Muslim women have personal freedom when their movement is restricted by their guardian?

According to Islam, female children (even adult/unmarried) enjoy personal freedom, individual identity, inheritance, freedom of choice and right to health and education. But what do terms like "...
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What are the requirements (e.g. wali) for a Muslim-Christian marriage?

I'm a Muslim, Alhamdulillah. My wife is a Christian. We got married in the court-house. Bad things started happening to us, and we thought it's probably because we didn't get married the Islamic way, ...
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Can an ex-wife's son legally prevent her accessing divorce settlement money?

A question that came up during a conversation with some friends. If a woman who has been divorced from her violent husband and through a court of law in the UAE is awarded a certain amount of money ...
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Can our imam act as wali for our nikkah, when my intended wife's family only allow her to date?

I am a 21 year-old Muslim, reverted 3 years ago to Islam, and now I would like to get married. I met a 16 year-old girl and she is interested in getting married, but her family are non-practicing ...
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Legal basis for kuffar women needing a wali?

In this answer, it is stated with some references that the madhahib of sunni Islam agree that every woman, whether a Muslim or a kafir, needs a wali to get married under Islamic rule - I suppose this ...
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What should I do when I want to marry a man but none of my relatives will be wali?

I have tried all possible means to get my dad to accept the man I want to marry, but he keeps on saying no simply because of some cultural belief. The man I want to marry is a Muslim and religious, ...
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Can We do nikkah without wali when he's not marrying off his daughter?

I'm 24F i come from a strict family and I want to marry someone specific 26M. He is good in deen and in ikhlaq also can manage my expenses if I become his wife but the problem is my parents are not ...
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Seeking judgement from taghut

I've been reading a piece of work that says that accepting the terms of service in most websites is kufr because they say they can bring you to non Muslim (taghut court's) so by pressing I accept on ...
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Role of a Wali for a boy

The role of a Wali is most discussed with respect to girls/women until marriage. However, a minor boy has a wali as well, and the succession of the father becomes relevant when the father dies early. ...
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A girl accepting Islam, getting married to a Muslim man, all of her family is non-muslim Wali issue

Dear brother and sisters. I met a girl abroad, who is not a Muslimah. She is willing to accept Islam and I want to do nikkah with her to save myself from committing zina. Nikkah is only for the sake ...
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