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Walad al-zina (Arabic: ولد الزنا) an illegitimate child born from an unlawful relationship.

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Illegimate kid's father

Let's say Y is a boy. His parents are not married. His father left his mother as soon as she gave birth to Y. Then Y's mother was punished for committing adultery and she repented to Allah and married ...
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What is the explanation of the hadith "The child of adultery is worst of the three"?

Recently I have heard about this narration in a local gathering but the speaker did not give any references nor did he elaborate on this specific Hadith. Narrated Abu Hurairah: The Prophet (ﷺ) said: ...
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Is the biological father of an illegitimate daughter mahram to her?

Is the biological father of an illegitimate daughter mahram to her? If not, does she have to do Hijab from him? And does she not inherit property from him?
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Is it true that the Shafi'i Madhab permit men to marry their daughters who are concieved from zina? If so, why?

Can someone verify if this is true: Ibn Al-Arabi said, “Lineage is an expression referring to the mixture of fluids between a male and a female from a religious legal point of view. However, if this ...
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Can An Illegitimate Child Inherit Wealth From His/Her Biological Mother?

There are some Hadiths that state that an illegitimate child cannot inherit the wealth of his biological father (See Sunan Ibn Majah 2745 and Jami` at-Tirmidhi, Vol. 4, Book 3, Hadith 2113). However, ...
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What does Islam offer to protect a child of a haram relationship?

Islam is against zina and condemns it and has rulings on punishing people who commit it like the punishment by stoning for married adulterers (on which at least all earlier scholars sunni's shi'a and ...
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