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Why did the creation of Earth take longer time than the creation of the Universe?

There's something in the Quran that I don't understand properly. They are from Surah Fussilat (41) verses 9 to 12: Say, "Do you indeed disbelieve in He who created the earth in two days and attribute ...
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Is the hadith about Sun and other heavenly bodies being created after Earth authentic?

In this narration itsays that this is sahih but I don't know if all scholars think the same. A sound tradition from the Messenger of God told us by Hannad b. al-Sari, who also said that he read all of ...
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Explanation of the Quranic Surah 67 verse 34

In the verse of chapter 67, verses 3-4. What would be the TRUE interpretation of the "7 heavens being stacked one above the other". Furthermore, in order to actually understand the stacking of the ...
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