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9 answers

What is the purpose of creating this universe?

This universe have so many things that we can feel and can't feel. What is the reason behind such a big creation? Allah states in His book: "Who remember Allah while standing or sitting or [lying] ...
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4 answers

Difference between 7 skies and position of the heavens?

Well I know that there are 7 skies. But I just wanted to know the position of the heavens. I mean are they scattererd in every sky? Or are they in one specific sky? And if they are scattererd ...
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1 answer

How does Islam interpret the creation of the universe and is it compatible with the Big Bang Theory?

My colleagues and I often discuss about creation of universe, our solar system which is, in scientific theories, explained by Big Bang Theory. My questions are: Was this universe, specially our ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Does Islam reference the solar system, with planets revolving around the sun?

After numerous discoveries by mankind, the world now believes that we are on a planet which is in a solar system revolving around the Sun. Does Islam have any reference(s) to this? What is the ...
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3 answers

In Islam is there another universe other than ours?

Does the Qur'an mention another universe?
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10 answers

Did the Quran ever mention Universe?

I am intrigued by the world السماواتthat is often used in Holy Quran to describe God creation of skies and the earth. In arabic السماوات means skies, which is not the same as Universe. Sky is the ...
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2 answers

On Judgement day, everything will be destroyed in the earth and heavens

On the Day of Judgement everything in the heavens and earth will be destroyed, but what if humans would have inhabited other planets or even other galaxies by then, will they be destroyed?
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2 answers

Is the "distance of 500 years" mentioned in the hadiths, a distance of walking?

Assalamu Aleikum, I'd like to ask what our prophet meant when he said, "There are 500 years of distance between each heaven." I mean, is this '500 years' by walking/marching? I have read ...
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