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Is it enough to advise someone on stopping with a sin without telling them evidences?

Asking this because a few months ago i was watching/a fan of a tv show which i now realize is haram (few curse words, some inappropiate scenes). I'm saying “realize” because i used to watch it (and ...
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Tv shows depicting magic and superpowers

Is it okay to view tv shows/movie that include elements of fictional magic, myths and supernatural abilities? Note that, magic shown is by no means "dark" or implies anything contrary/offensive to ...
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1 answer

Is it haram to continue watching a movie/series after it shows something offensive about Islam?

If for I watch a show or a movie which has a line which is offensive about our religion or any scene which we shouldn't see. Is it haram for me to watch the rest of the seasons or the movie even ...
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Comedy with exaggeration, made up stories in TV shows

Salam! This is kind of a funny question but since it's so common atleast in the subcontinent TV scene, so I'm asking this, as people tend not to care about this, rather sometimes they claim to do ...
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Can an actor be called to inaugurate masjid

Ãsak Recently I heard a news in which one Turkish TV actor is invited to Pakistan for the mosque inauguration. As Mosque is a place of worship not a entertainment place to inaugurate with actors. And ...
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