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What to do if one's father is toxic & forces to marry someone who is not suitable in both POV islamic and worldly?if refused he abuses his wife & kids

My father wants us all 4 siblings to marry his brother's sons and daughter. And they are not even educated , they dont even pray and are very far away from islam .they dont even have jobs ,not a home ,...
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About mercy killing in islam [duplicate]

One of my friends is hypnotised and black magic was maybe cast on him. His parents along with the entire society are after him and forcing him to live life as a slave. He has no way out and he might ...
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Predestination and omniscience

God is Almighty and knows what is going to happen in the future. I watched this video by Shabir Ally: and it started confusing me. We can never truly know ...
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Punishment for torturing

I'm having a hard time tracking down information about how to classify torturing someone (beating, sterile needles under fingernails, waterboarding, starvation, sensory overload, sleep deprivation, ...
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What is the Islamic position on torture of prisoners?

Different states in the world often use torture both physical and psychological for interrogation, suppressing political opponents etc. What does Islam say about use of torture by state actors? Would ...
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