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Why was Quran sent down?

In several places, the Qur'ān criticizes the Jews (not Christians) for how they misuse their scriptures, accusing them of perverting ( 2:75), concealing (6:61, 2:140) twisting their tongues when they ...
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Are Muslims encouraged to read the Bible and/or the Torah? Why or why not?

If I understand correctly, Islam accepts several holy books as authored by Allah. Obviously, Muslims are encouraged to read the Quran, but among these books are the Bible (or Gospel) and the Torah, ...
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To what extent have the Psalms, Torah, Prophets and Gospel been corrupted?

I understand that Islam holds the previous revelation from God to mankind in high esteem, and that the "Psalms, Torah, Prophets and Gospel" are considered to be authentic. Nevertheless there also ...
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Why does Islam reject the current versions of the Bible and Torah?

Why does Islam reject the current versions of the Bible and Torah, even though the Qur'an confirms the existence of previous Christian and Jewish prophets like Abraham, Moses and Jesus in the Qur'an?
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Who are the people of zaboor?

I was taught that there were 4 holy books revealed by the Almighty. The holy Quran, the Injeel, The Thaurath and the Zaboor. We know what happened to the people of Injeel and Taurath. What happened to ...
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Why Muslims are not allowed to read Torah?

I found many references in the holy Qur'an about reading Torat\Torah and also about believing in Torah. So should Muslims read Torah or just deny it on the basis of assumed corruption?
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Why didn't Allah send the complete book first?

I heard that the bible and tora used to be faith-books of Islam. The dilemma was that the human changed those books after their needs. After a time Allah wanted to send down the unchangeable and final ...
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Was Torah the first complete shariah?

I am looking for a reference to the claim that Torah given to Prophet Musa (a) was the first complete shariah. Could someone refer to any source?
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Why do Muslims believe in prophets after Malachi?

I already have studied the Torah (Old Testament) and I'm now studying the New Testament and The Holy Quran. I have a question regarding prophets. How come Muslims believe in prophets after Malachi ...
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