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My friend found a piece of paper inside his bag and i wanted to know what it is written in it its like taweeZ

It is a piece of paper found inside the bag of my frnd looks like taweez or something
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Is this a taweez?

I found this in my house I have no idea of what it is and from where it comes from Any idea ? Thnx
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Taweez found in my mothers room [closed]

Me my 3 brothers and my mom recently shifted to a new house. Before we did we found out more about shirk and threw all taweez and oils and stuff away. In my family. Black magic is a common topic the ...
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Can I wear my taweez necklace from when I was a baby? [duplicate]

To clarify, I don’t believe in a necklace’s ability to protect me from evil, but my mom gave me the taweez necklace that was made for me as a baby. She said I was very sick and cried a lot, so in a ...
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Found a taweez in parents home

Could someone please translate this taweez? My mother randomly found it in her washer recently. It doesn’t belong to any of my siblings. All my siblings are suffering some sort of ailment recently.Can ...
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What is the meaning of picture of hand with Arabic word in a Ta`weez [closed]

While cleaning the top roof of my room I have discovered a strange thing. A silver color beautifully decorated large taweez. Out of curiosity I have opened it and found 3 pieces of paper with drawing ...
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Whats the meaning of the logo on the amulet? is it permissible in islam? [closed]

My Uncle received a object from a "Habib" from Indonesia asking him to keep it. On the object there's some Symbol and Quranic verse on it. Does any one knows what is it? and what does the logo means?...
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How to understand an Amulet / Taveez / Talisman containing devil names?

Today I have found an Amulet / Taveez / Talisman that have my name on it and it contains 4 little paper pieces with devil names written on it with some numbers as well in my house. I have dumped it ...
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What is the meaning of this taweez (tawiz) writtings?

Yesterday inside my pillow I found triangular shaped object wrapped inside was some kind of note. Below is a picture of it: My family and I are Orthodox Christians, this seems to me is something ...
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Are taweez (amulets) haram? [duplicate]

Are taweez (amulets) haram? Kindly provide references from Quran and/or Hadith. Some Ulama say it is ja'iz (not haram) and now I am confused and would like to know the real ruling. Please back your ...
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What is the meaning of this Arabic tawiz?

My sister in law (husband's sister) gave me a piece of paper for keeping that in my room for the betterment of my husband on which something is written in Arabic. I can read but can't know the meaning....
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Taweez and my Husband

I have been married from almost 2 years. My husband and I were having a good time but from previous few months my husband's behavior has changed. He says he does not love me and he is no more ...
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Is wearing a taweez haram? [closed]

Some people say that Tawees are Haram. But I have also heard the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave a Hasan and Husain Taweez to protect them. Taweez is a piece of paper with Quranic verses and Duas ...
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Reference of hadith in Musnad Ahmed which states the wearing taweez/amulet is shirk?

What is the complete reference including volume and hadith number for hadith that states wearing amulet is shirk in Musnad Ahmed? From Wikipedia: "An amulet is an object whose most important ...
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What is the Islamic ruling regarding wearing charms or amulets?

Is wearing taweez/charm/amulet haram? What does the Holy Quran or Hadith has to say about it? What does the scholars say about it? To elaborate, I got sick and was about to die and went to doctors. ...
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