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Confirming the Oneness of Allah. It is the basis of Islam.

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Can a Hindu enter jannah?

This question was from a Hindu That Islam is based on tawheed oness of Allah (god) if I believe that God has no image no idol not begotten doesn't have wife or child and believe in his uniqueness ...
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Is Pantheism (as defined by Spinoza) compatible with Islam?

Pantheism (Pan = all, theism=God) is the view that God is all. Although some definitions describe pantheism as the view that God is the universe or God is nature, the more general definition is that ...
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Can we say "this person saved my life"?

Is it allowed to say that "this person saved my life"? And also "If it was not for him I would have been dead"? Also "We won the match because of him"? Are these statements contradicting to Tawhid ...
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Do Islamic pre-modern scholars think the trinity is polytheism or not?

So my question is, is it right for a sunni to deem of christians who believe in the trinity as polytheists? what scholars agree with this? is there a consensus?
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