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The prayer in Ramadan that prayed after Isha' Prayer. The Prophet used to make 8 rakahs, but it is common today for 20 rakahs to be done, and in some countries they make 35.

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Taraweeh or Salat after Ramadan

Is there any prayer after Ramadan that can be prayed in the replacement of Taraweeh ? For example, If I want to continue the Ramadan tradition outside of Ramadan, I can accomplish fasting, but how ...
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Should I pray behind Imam that recites too fast and skips words?

At the place where I live (in my masjid), imam do prayers very fast. To give you an idea we finish Isha prayer + Tarawih + Witr prayer in about 30 minutes. He's going that fast that he sometimes skips ...
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About the taraweeh

As sallamuallay kum, i wanna ask that i have read a hadith which says who ever pray taraweeh behind the imam with complete witra. It is as if he prayed all night. But i wanna know that i pray taraweeh ...
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Skipping Taraweeh for one day or two days

Assalamualaikum, Can we skip taraweeh,not for whole Ramadan but for one day or two days?
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