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Am I exempted if I take this student loan involving riba? [closed]

I've been working really hard in high school to get accepted to a good major in university. I'm going to start studying this summer. I need an apartment and food to live and I have no income what's so ...
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Being paid for helping my friend in his graded assignment and asking him to learn afterwards. Haram?

I have Helped my friend in one of his graded assignments and he paid me. Now I offered him to teach him that topic for free, and he learns too. Now here the student have learnt the topic and is ...
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Is it permisable to work in a company which supports LGBT rights?

salam alaykum dear community, I am an IT student a while ago a company contacted me and asked for a small discussion about future positions in this company. So i agreed and after i agreed i saw on ...
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Am I allowed to study and read Ibn Qayyim's books without an Ustadh?

Am I allowed to study and read Ibn Qayyim's books without an Ustadh? What about reading ahadith and the Quran (translation)? What about tafsir?
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Are we discouraged from reading tafseer without an A'lim?

Some people say that I should not read The Holy Quran tafseer alone in my house. I have to take guidance from some A'lim who knows vast knowledge about Quran. If I read it I may be misguided and may ...
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