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Questions tagged [software]

For questions relating to the computer software, e.g., operating systems, games, business software, including its usage and development.

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After switching from pirated software to free software will my work still be haram?

I am still in school and going to college this year InshaAllah. The announcement received May 27th at state universities, may Allah bless my college. I want to take computer science. The problem is ...
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Is my work haram given that I write software which has an "insurance" field?

I work as a programmer for a shipping company. My job requires me to create a program which contains fields like "shipper's name", "address", etc. Also there are fields which provides information ...
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Does worshipping a God in game negate my virtue?

I just start playing a multiplayer PC game called Conan Exiles. In the beginning of the game, one must select a religion (not Islam) out of four, as character builds up. Worshipping a God gives you ...
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Is my work still halal after migrating from pirated windows to linux ubuntu?

so i have a pirated windows 7 and want to move to linux ubuntu using my windows 7 to download and burn linux ubuntu file into a disc, if i work using that ubuntu OS that i get using pirated windows, ...
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Is working in bank IT department is haram?

I've been working in a bank for almost 1 year. I'm work involved in development & maintenance of remitting software and various bill collection utility (Electricity, Gas, Water etc) software. My ...
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After having pirated software on my computer, is it forever haram?

I pirate and I watch pornographic materials. Before you say, yes, I regret my actions and am trying to change myself. I have been told that my laptop (thus my OS and everything in it) is haram only ...
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Is making images for game development prohibited in islam

Assalamu alaykum my brothers, I've been surfing the internet about if it's halal to draw such human images with facial expressions, but I don't know if some facial expressions such as 2 pixels ...
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Is working in Investment Bank as a Software Engineer haram?

I’m a student and looking for jobs so i was wondering if working in such companies is haram as software engineer. I’m mostly confused by fatwas some say it’s haram, whistl some say it’s halal as we’re ...
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Assalamu alaikum Can I share a software that I’ve bought with a small forum for free

I did share some softwares lately in a forum… but I feel somehow guilty I feel like I’m hurting the developer even tho I didn’t share the license code I share only the software for testing purpose or ...
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Making software using pirated software to make parts of it

I am making some software. I have started this before I found out that using pirated software is bad. The logo I made is made with pirated software. Everything else was free. I intend to earn money ...
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Is working for a data selling company, that sells data that can potentially assist haram allowed

Thanks for reading this . I have a question for someone who has more Islamic knowledge. The question is that is it permissible to work for a company which sells data that can potentially be used for ...
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Can I make software for Christian school?

I AM required to make a software for christian school and they have bible subject included. Should I make it?
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