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Are there any hadiths/verses that indicate a Muslim's approach to the media?

Is there any way of telling how the Muhammad (pbuh) would want us to treat the media in its entirety e.g. newspapers, TV shows etc. and are there any hadiths in the past that could be used similarly ...
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Is it wrong to share a video displaying something embarrassing of people I don't know on Facebook?

I recently saw a video on Facebook, which showed some people trying to figure out how long it takes someone to go 80 miles if they're going 80 mph. I shared it, but I shared it to make a sarcastic ...
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1 vote
5 answers

Is it haram to sell Luxury items?

I own a instagram page in the luxury niche. I run this page to sell luxury items (like watches & etc.). I know islam doesn’t encourage you to live a luxurious life or waste money on worldly things,...
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Can I use any film star (female) pictures as my own profile picture?

I have been told that using any female picture is forbidden in Islam, because Islam don't like showing off any female publicly. So can I use their (film stars/models) picture or it will be a sin even ...
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Can a Muslim girl make accounts on social media?

We all know that Islam teaches a woman to reveal herself only to her family & other females. If I make account on Instagram and upload my photos, then is it correct? Because here I am revealing ...
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Friendship with non mahram

Is talking to non mahram friend is jinah? If we stay in limit by not saying anything adultry Just chat in social media then is it jinah ? Or haram ?
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What are the views of Islam towards cultural diversity such as polytheistic or Idolatre festivals?

Adaab. I often listen that Islam has an intensely negative perception towards cultural diversity especially towards those religions don't have a particular book, or have a polytheistic culture, or ...
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Would it be haram in the eyes of Islam to wear hijab and share pictures on social media with full veil?

I want to know more about Islam. It's necessary to know where we can upload pictures and where we are forbidden by Islam. This question is one of my unknown facts. Thank you.
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Is talking to a Non-Muslim opposite gender haram?

We knew each other from social media and we have been talking for years.. A few males and a few females.. (im a female) Expect one male, all others are muslims.. and its noted that now when i talk to ...
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