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Isma'ili is a sect of shia.

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Can Imams abrogate Quran?

Do Shi'as believe that the words of the Imams can abrogate the Quran? In what circumstances can this happen? If infallible Muhammad can abrogate the Quran with his own words, as many Sunnis believe, ...
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How exactly is the Ismaili daily prayer (du'a) book compiled?

Ismailis pray three times a day at fixed times based on the clock. During their prayers, they read, in congregation (or individually), some sort of book which they call a "du'a book." I don't know ...
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What is the Ismaili equivalent of zakah?

In Sunni Islam, there's a concept of zakah -- 2.5% (1/40) of your savings saved for a year need to be given to the poor in eight groups, which are outlined in ayah az-zakah (The Ayah of Zakah). This ...
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