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Can I use same shaving machine for beard and private hair?

Assalam o alaikum, I find it convenient to use shaving machine to remove my private hair. Now, my question is, can use the same machine for my public hair as well? Jazak-Allah,
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1 answer

Is it obligatory for Muslims to cut their pubic hair? [duplicate]

Is it obligatory for Muslim men / women to shave / cut pubic hair around the penis / vagina? If it is so, then what is the authentic hadith in its favor? Or is there any mention about this in the Qur'...
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Is it possible to shave head before departing for Hajj

I am leaving for Umrah soon, but due to the uncleanliness of barbers in Mecca, I am wondering if I am able to shave my head beforehand and still have it count?
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Correct Way of Shaving Pubic Hair

Assalaamualaikum , we have seen some hadiths on the importance of shaving pubic hair , but what is the right way of doing it? Is it ok if it is cut short with scissors? Narrated By Abu Huraira : I ...
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1 answer

Is shaving the beard Haram?

Is shaving the beard Haram? Is there any authentic hadith about it? What is the opinion of the Quran about it? (Sunni and Shia)
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2 answers

Ruling on shaving the head?

I have some hair damage and was recommended to shave my head to regrow new hair again. Is this forbidden? I know it is haram to imitate a man or a Kuffar women but I'm doing neither, I only want to ...
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Shaving in Islam [duplicate]

Assalamualaikum, I am 15 and I have just found out about the ruling of shaving the pubic hair (men's). I wanted to know if you could simply just cut it very short with scissors rather than shaving it ...
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2 answers

I Shaved where my eyebrows meet [closed]

I want to start with this, but I don't want to blame him, I was provoked to shave my "uni brow" by my older brother as he teased me about at, so I did. I did not know it was haram at the time, and now ...