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How is tazqiya al qalb related to talqiyya al siir?

Salam alaykum. I understand that the qalb is purified to reflect and that talqiyya al siir is a stage after that but how exactly is the process? I read somewhere it's the remembrance of ALLAH ...
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Impurity From A Dog

Is sand on witch a dog sits impure? if the sand gets on clothes or hands is it necessary to wash them.
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Are there Islamic books which can help with anxiety?

I suffer from some anxiety. Are there any books available that can help with this? I have seen "The Art of Happiness" by the Dalai Lama, but I would like to read something by a Muslim using Islam to ...
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Didn't rub my belly button during ghusl

Assalamualikum After doing GHUSL janabah I realised that I had not rubbed the inside of my belly button with my finger So should I now assume that the water would have reached the inside of my belly ...
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If lota drops of water drop on your clothes, does it make clothes impure?

Many asian muslims use lota(vessel) to wash their private parts. When I fill it up, the water run downs the outside and while washing the drops from outside drop on the under garments, this has lead a ...
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Praying salah sitting due to incontinence

Salam, I have urine incontinence and I normally go toilet an hour or a bit longer before my salah. I still get drops coming out when I read. What do I do? Do I continue to pray or should I pray ...
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Pork byproducts in different names

Assalamu 'alaikum, I have a difficulty for keeping my body pure and sometimes I feel it is very hard to keep it like that. Because these days almost every product is related to some animal origin, ...
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What is the difference between desire and pleasure for ghusl?

I am a bit embarrassed to talk about this but I need to ask: I read websites saying that ghusl is only necessary if the discharge that comes out is accompanied by pleasure and not just desire. However ...
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Doubts and questions about ghusl

Asalam alaykum brothers and sisters I recently did ghusl but I am having doubts of whether I reached every part of my body with water. I am almost certain that water reached every part of my body but ...
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Will my clothes still consider as impure (Napak) If I washed them alot?

After masturbation, I found white spots on my pant (I don’t know whether it is Mani, Madhi or Wadhi). I washed that origin (where that spot was) gently with soap and leave it to dry. The next day I ...
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