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Sects are branches of Islam. There are many, but the most known are Sunni Islam, Shia Islam, and Sufism.

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Can a Muslim not belong to any sect?

Is it possible for a Muslim to not identify himself/herself belonging to any sects? If so, how does s/he chose what to believe on the controversial (different sects have different opinions) topics.
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Is there a sect in Islam that follows the the Quran to the exclusion of hadith?

In christianity protestants are Sola scriptura. Is there a similar muslim group who follow the same kind of belief that the Quran is all that needed, and disregard other texts (such as Hadith)?
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What are the principle/fundamental differences between Sunni and Shia? [closed]

Although I do believe that the separation into sects of Islam is terrible and contradicts with the Qur'an (6:159, 30:32 and etc...) I'm interested in knowing why there is so much conflict between both ...
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What defines a sect in Islam?

What exactly defines a sect in Islam? There are many supposed sects in Islam, but how do you define this label? I know the two 'major' sects in Islam are the Shia and Sunni, but why are these ...
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Why are there so many variations of Islam and what distinguishes them?

We have four main Islamic schools of thought, namely : Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi and Hanbali. Then again we have Sunni, Salafism, Wahabism, Sufism and many more. We also have the authenticated Hadith ...
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What is the concept of sects in Islam?

I have heard majority of people say that there were no sects in the era of Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH). Then, how and why did the sects in Islam came into being?
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What is Wahhabism?

Recently I heard the term 'Wahhabism' for specifying a group of Muslims. Actually what is Wahhabism? Is it a sect or normal religious group?
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Is it sin to categorize yourself into a particular sect?

What is the ruling in Islam regarding categorization of Muslims into sects like Sunni and Shia? Does Allah allow/disallow it in Quran? What did Prophet (P.B.U.H) say about it? Would it be a sin if I ...
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Do the four Sunni madh'habs divide Muslims?

What are the rulings over differences in opinion between madh'habs? How should they be resolved? As an example: as the Hanafi interpretation of 'Praying the prayers according to it's time' leading to ...
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Why are they called sects in Islam and not denominations?

I understand that Islam has different ideologies and ways of interpreting the Qur'an, and those people with like views will stay together and call themselves a group. Though I wonder, why is each ...
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Origins of Taqlid

Who was the originator of the doctrine of Taqlid? Which school of thought,if any in particular,propounded it first? And the term"doors of ijtihad are closed",what are the origins of this later term as ...
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Is there any problem praying in the same way as Muslims from other sects?

Is there any problem praying in the same way as Muslims from other sects? And if I was praying alone?
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What are different viewpoints on supporting immoral wars through paying taxes?

What are some viewpoints on whether it is considered a sin, or not allowed under Islamic law, to pay taxes which go towards the support of wars of aggression, or wars considered immoral by yourself or ...
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How are Adhan and Iqama recited in the Ibadi madhhab?

Assalamu Alaikum, I was researching the way different madhhabs perform adhan and iqama, but I couldn't find reliable information regarding the Ibadi madhhab's adhan and iqama... The only thing I ...
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Who are the Kullabiyah?

I've read a few articles with statement of ibn Taymiyyah pointing at a further sects of creed beside the Salafi, Ash'ary and Maturidi which claim to be part of ahl as-Sunna wal Jama'a (or at least ...
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