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Questions tagged [school]

For questions about the place of education. Use [fiqh] or [madhhab] instead for "schools of thought".

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Can girls dance in islam for a school programme?

Assalamualaikum, Im a muslim girl, 15 years old. Every year we have annual day celebrations which is full of dances and dramas performed separately by boys and girls. This year I was planning to ...
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I can't pray zhur in school

I am going to a school in UAE called sabis,I asked the aqc and I asked the other higher-ups, but they told me the same thing the director said students can pray after school, 5 minutes before aser ...
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What Islamic schools offer online degree or courses in fully learning dream interpretation, and among other things related to Islam

I’m unable to find any online schoolsthat offer a degree in dream interpretation or courses to fully learn dream interpretations. Mainly because I don’t really know any Islamic schools. I also don’t ...
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Is it haram to have friends of opposite gender of neighbours and in school?

Assalamualaikum, i am actually student in school, i actually have some female classmates of mine who i usually go for study related stuff and i also give them my work if they need it, i don't have any ...
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Is (or was) there a school of Islam that accepts both Sunni and Shia hadiths?

I am asking if such a movement ever appeared, that would consider as authentic a hadith if it is considered authentic by either Sunni or Shia Muslims. In other words, the set of hadiths they consider ...
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Are school cards haram?

Aslam o Alakom to whom ever is reading this, So some further context: My school hands out cards to people who do good deeds or portray good character traits. You can redeem cards by putting it in a ...
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