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Questions tagged [school]

For questions about the place of education. Use [fiqh] or [madhhab] instead for "schools of thought".

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Praying in school problem?

Salam, A couple of months ago I asked this question: What is the ruling of praying in school?. I seem to reach the conclusion that I can pray sitting down with proper wudu'. However, I can only do ...
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Should I Fast or not during exams/ while studying for exams?

Ramadan Mubarak I'm a student who, in less than two weeks will be sitting exams deciding which University I get into/if I get into University. Today is the first day of Ramadan and I have not fasted, ...
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2 answers

Is cheating at schools/universities' exams haram?

I know that cheating is a bad act, but I’d like to know what the ruling of Islam is about it? In fact, is it a haram (forbidden) act or it is solely a Makruh (disapproved) practice? Is there any ...
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What should I do being unable to pray at school?

In school I can't pray dhuhr and sometimes asr prayer also because I stay back late so what should I do? I'm afraid it's not acceptable to pray these prayers late all the time. My school is run by a ...
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Is yoga haram? Please clarify

Is yoga haram? I am not referring to a Hinduism worship related yoga, I am talking about exercise yoga. In my school, we are forced to do yoga, is it haram? I am hoping for it to be halal in this ...
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Are exams during Ramadan a reason to not fast?

This year Ramadan will be during the exam period for most students. Is this an acceptable reason to not fast? Especially for nervous students who could potentially faint. Is there any way around ...
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