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What does Islam say about renting rooms at a higher price than the owner?

We're a group of students, studying at a prestigious University, we had to shift from city campus to its permanent campus due to some new Govt. policies. Currently we're living in a rural area and ...
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How is rent different from interest? [duplicate]

Say I have $100,000 cash and a house worth $100,000. I loan Sam the $100,000 cash for 10% of 100,000 ($1000) interest each month. Also, I rent out my house to Kate for $1000 rent per month. If Sam ...
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Difference between Riba and Rent

As stated in the title the question is about the difference between accepting riba and accepting rent. according to my understanding riba is when you give loan of some commodity to a person and during ...
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Is Rent to buy allowed?

Recently I've been searching for a house online, of course I do not want to get involved in Riba Astagfir-Allah, so I started subscribing to all these "sale in execution" property auction websites, so ...
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Is it permissible to lease a car?

Assalamu alaikum, Is it permissible in Islam to lease a car? Basically, I pay $200-$300 per month for a new or a good used car for three years. At the end of the term, I return the car to the owner. ...
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Is renting gold haraam or halaal?

Where I say property, I mean, something physical which has value. If the islamic definition of rent-able property is different, please let me know. If I have property in the form of a house, I ...
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