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Questions tagged [quranic-events]

Questions about events that are mentioned in the Qur'an.

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What is meant by "froth" or "foam" in Quran aya 13:17?

What is meant by the following aya from : 'Anzala Mina As-Samā'i Mā'an Fasālat 'Awdiyatun Biqadarihā Fāĥtamala As-Saylu Zabadāan Rābīāan ۚ Wa Mimmā Yūqidūna `Alayhi Fī An-...
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Which Hadiths relate the story of the Satanic Verses incident?

I did some superficial googling on the subject and I found that the transmissions of the story of the satanic verses incident is considered "weak" so this must mean there are some documented ...
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