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Questions tagged [qisas]

قصاص Questions about legal retaliation for bodily harm. Such as executing a murderer and 'eye for an eye' etc.

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Implementation Qisas & Hadd on Slave [duplicate]

Who implements the punishment of Qisas or Hadd if the convict is a slave? Is it Master of Slave or a person appointed by the Qadhi? Specifically Want to Know the position of Hanbali Madhab.
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Is kin punishment compatible with Islamic Law?

Is it correct that kin punishment can be used according to the Sharia? Wikipedia says certain bedouins consider it correct to kill members of the murderer's family, based on the Sharia.
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What is the method of capital punishment for murder?

States who have the death penalty for murder tend to have a common way of executing the offender, such as the electric chair, lethal injection, firing squad, decapitation etc. What are Islam's ...
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Why is there no capital punishment for killing a Dhimmi?

Context of this hadith? A Muslim is not to be killed for the murder of a non-Muslim. [Al-Bukhari]
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Can children demand death penalty for father if he murders their mother?

There was a case where a father killed the mother and the children demanded death sentence for the father. But it was rejected by the court because it said it was violating Islamic Law. It stated: "...
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Who is entitled to diyya in case of parents killing their child?

As far as I'm aware, at least some schools of law (in particular, the Shafiis) say that qisas does not apply in the case of a parent killing his/her child, and only diyya applies. I can't seem to find ...
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Does "whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed" (Qur'an 5:45) only apply to judges (qadi)?

Indeed, We sent down the Torah, in which was guidance and light. The prophets who submitted [to Allah ] judged by it for the Jews, as did the rabbis and scholars by that with which they were entrusted ...
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Does the imprisonment punishment exist in Shariah Law?

According to Islamic law, are there any cases in which imprisonment is prescribed as a punishment? And what alternatives exist? I am familiar with a few such as flogging, stoning and limb amputation ...
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How is Qisas done when equal retaliation is not possible?

For example, suppose that a tooth-less person breaks the teeth of another, or an eye-less person pokes out another's eye, or a woman cuts off a man's penis, or a man cuts off a woman's breasts etc. ...
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What is the prescribed punishment if one kills their slave intentionally?

What is the prescribed punishment if one kills their slave intentionally? Is there a hadd punishment? Does blood money have to be paid? What does Sharia have to say about this?
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