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Use for questions about the prophet Nuh (نُوح) (AS), also known as Noah in English.

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Did everyone live longer in the times of the older prophets?

I've been looking at the ages of the prophets and I could understand if they were exceptions who could live much longer than the normal person but yesterday I read this about Prophet Nuh: [11:27] &...
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Was Prophet Noah sent for all humanity at his time?

We know that Prophet Muhammed was sent for all humanity & jinns from his time till the Day of Judgement. But I'd like to verify the claim in one of the answers for the below question: https://...
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Why would Allah destroy some cities ( like the people of Aad, or people of Thamud, etc.. ) because they didn't believe .Don't people have free will?

I was educating myself on the different stories of the prophet and in many of these stories, after the people still didn't believe in the words of the prophets (despite many signs), Allah destroyed ...
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