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Use for questions about the prophet Nuh (نُوح) (AS), also known as Noah in English.

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How could Prophets Lut and Nuh marry disbelievers when it's forbidden?

Qur'an 66:10 says "Allah presents an example of those who disbelieved: the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot. ...". However, it is forbidden for a Muslim man to marry a disbeliever: It is ...
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If we are all descendants of Prophet Nuh A.S., why are we so many races?

As we are all descendants of Prophet Adam A.S., I understood the explanation of Hawa A.S. giving birth to various sets of twins of different race and thereafter the marrying of the males to females of ...
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3 answers

When did Noah live?

I understand that it is understood that Noah was one of the earliest Prophets. He is particullarly famous for the contraversal flood event. That he lived at least 950 years. My question is; When did ...
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Was prophet Noah (PBUH) a prophet for Indian people?

I have just read a post (Lost Prophets of Hinduism and India) and there are several scriptures in Hinduism which talk about the great flood (as mentioned in Quran and Injeel) and story is almost same ...
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