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Dawud is one of the prophets of Allah and is considered same as David of Old Testament (Bible).

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Is Proverbs an accepted book

Is the book of proverbs written by the prophet Sulaiman, son of dawud, accepted by Islam ?
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Is praying without ghusl kufr?

Sometimes after having a wet dream for example, I just cannot bring myself to do ghusl. I feel incredibly guilty and I’m also scared of punishment, but I have depression and anxiety which just makes ...
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Exact Fasting Protocol of Dawud (a.s)

Prophet Dawud's (AS) fasting is termed as Alternate Day fasting. I've been following daily fasts but now switching to Alternate Day Fasting Protocol since Muhammad SAW called it the best way (...
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Was King David a Muslim?

Someone mentioned, in a comment on one of my previous questions, that Muslims believe that King David was a Muslim. Is this indeed the generally held belief across the Muslim world? How can this be? ...
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