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What's the ruling on poetry?

Is it halal for a writer to write phrases like "Life blesses us with opportunities," "Time changes everyone completely," or "Life tests everyone." Is one commiting shirk ...
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Using the word „God“ in poems?

I wrote some poems in German about religious issues and about other topics like friendship. I try to give the poems a good message and I also praise Allah (in German). Is writing poems permissible at ...
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Writing Stories. Haram or not?

I've heard and read proofs that writing fictional stories are haram. Some people, like me, are given talents of writing poems and stories and the like. I've made up a story that is really beneficial ...
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What parts of al-Busiri's Burdah are rejected by salafis and why?

Al-Burdah also known as الكواكب الدرية في مدح خير البرية is a poem of "imam al-Busiri" (the Muslim Sufi poet al-Busiri البوصيري whom studied the seerah of the prophet deeply and almost all his poems ...
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How should we understand the connection between the Prophet and the poem of Tarafa and what is the authenticity of the narration if there is any?

In the known mu'allaqa of Tarafa the poet -whom in my opinion used many words of wisdom which seem to go along with many teachings of Islam- said/wrote the verse saying: ستُبْدي لكَ الأيامُ ما كنتَ ...
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