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Questions tagged [piracy]

Piracy is the unauthorized use or reproduction of someone else's work, especially in relation to software. Closely related terms are plagiarism, copyright infringement, or bootlegging.

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After switching from pirated software to free software will my work still be haram?

I am still in school and going to college this year InshaAllah. The announcement received May 27th at state universities, may Allah bless my college. I want to take computer science. The problem is ...
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if i learn something using a pirated software, is using the knowledge haram?

I was stressed on this for weeks. If I'm learning something using a pirated software, I'll use that knowledge someday. Maybe I'll make money with the knowledge. Will that money become haram?
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Is my work still halal after migrating from pirated windows to linux ubuntu?

so i have a pirated windows 7 and want to move to linux ubuntu using my windows 7 to download and burn linux ubuntu file into a disc, if i work using that ubuntu OS that i get using pirated windows, ...
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Pirating a game in one platform while owning it in another platform

I own Minecraft physical disc for PS4. I also have a subscription which allows to play Minecraft on cloud on android. Is it permissible for me to pirate Minecraft on android so that I can play without ...
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Streaming Websites that offer free copyright videos

I want to ask a question that they are some websites that will offer you to streams free videos that are copyrighted. For example watching a documentary like building giants( i am student of civil ...
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Will Software/Video Game Piracy be not Haram, If the Successful product's development has been stopped by the publisher?

I want to download a Video Game, which can be downloaded from some websites, which had a Price Tag of $60 US Dollars... But it's development stopped and the publishers made a Good Amount of royalty ...
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After having pirated software on my computer, is it forever haram?

I pirate and I watch pornographic materials. Before you say, yes, I regret my actions and am trying to change myself. I have been told that my laptop (thus my OS and everything in it) is haram only ...
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Is reading copyrighted books online haram in my case?

Is reading copyrighted books online haram in my case? Pretty similar to an older post on this forum. There’s a book I want to read that’s in Japanese AND has an official English translation. There are ...
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Is it haram to download paid courses in free?

So there are many websites which uploads video courses in their websites in free of costs that are downloaded from other paid websites like Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda etc. Though this courses are given ...
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Making software using pirated software to make parts of it

I am making some software. I have started this before I found out that using pirated software is bad. The logo I made is made with pirated software. Everything else was free. I intend to earn money ...
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Is piracy haram?

Now a days we live in a society where we use computers on daily basis.such as work places, universities etc...but in almost every computer we use pirated software... Such as I am a student of ...
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Kinda Piracy, Kinda Not

I have a question. So I was wondering if something is considered haram or not. So I play this game called “The Walking Dead”. In this game there are 4 seasons. Now I have a question. Let’s say I pay ...
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Is it haram to use a windows that is installed or bootable through a pirated Windows?

I have downloaded Windows from the official website and now I want to make it bootable to a usb. I have a option to make bootable through my friend's laptop which has pirated Windows. I'm confused is ...
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