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Is shaking hand with non-Muslims prohibited in Islam?

Muslim living in the US and other foreign countries especially have this problem. Is shaking hands with a non-Muslim haram in Islam?
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Is a Muslim man allowed to shake hand with a non-Muslim woman or vice versa?

There are many cases, specially for the Muslims living in non-Muslim countries, that a non-Muslim woman draws her hand towards a Muslim man to greet him with shaking hands, or a non-Muslim man tries ...
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Is it permissible for a husband to press his wife's feet when her feet are in pain?

Is it permissible for a husband to press his wife's feet when in pain? Does the wife become a sinner in front of Allah? My feet sometimes hurt very much, and it gets unbearable. At these times my ...
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Did the Blindfolded Islamic man who recieved hugs in Paris sin?

So, I read an interesting story about a man in Paris (there are actually several others in the news too, it appears to be a movement) who stood blindfolded in a sort of trust exercise who received ...
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What is the ruling on shaking-hands with a non-Muslim non-mahram? [duplicate]

As far as I can remember, it is haram for men to shake hands with women who are Muslim. But I'd like to know if it is haram for Muslim men to shake hands with non-Muslim women as well?
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What to do when in a Western country a member of the opposite sex tries to shake hands?

If in a Western country a member of the opposite sex stretches his/her hand with the intention of shaking hands (as a greeting), how should a Muslim behave?
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Is there any truth to the claim that a man may not shake hands with a woman because she menstruates and is therefore unclean?

Australian former politician Bronwyn Bishop was recently quoted as saying: When I hear the Department of Education saying it’s OK for a boy to put his hand on his heart instead of taking a woman’s ...
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Why can't Muslim women shake hands with strange men? [duplicate]

I received a copy of the Qur'an from a Muslim girl at a booth while I was at University, I said thank you and offered my hand for a handshake, but she refused it, which made me feel really awkward. ...
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Can I fingering my husband anal? [duplicate]

I am a married women. During physical intercourse I have fingering my husband anal. Is it permissable? And also can I put sex toy in my husband anal?
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