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what is the punishment for killing kittens and how can a friend of mine redeem himself

My friend who was 13 years old at that time killed 4 kittens and hurt alot of other cats[kicking them ,etc] . I was just wondering what would be the punishment for him and how can he redeem himself . ...
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Can we meet our pets in jannah if we make dua in duniyah?

I know this question is an widely asked question still I would like to know. In jannah we will get everything that we will desire from Allah (SWT) even the haram things in duniyah like wine. So is ...
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Conditions to get a guard dog

Aoa,I know that we as Muslims can not keep dogs as pets but majority scholars agree that guard dogs are permitted if kept outside the house.My question is that what are the conditions to get a guard ...
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Is it haram to keep a dog if you keep it outside the house?

Assalamualaikum, I'm just curious, is it allowed to keep a dog if I keep it outside and don't allow it to enter the house? Or is it still prohibited to keep a dog even though you keep it outside? ...
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Is it permissible to kill pet mice?

We know that it is permissible to kill wild rats and mice. but this question is for pet mice, that we got so we would look after them. We bought what we thought were 4 female mice as pets. we set up a ...
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Can You Have a Dog [duplicate]

I was thinking about getting a dog we have an extra room to keep it in.
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Is creating a online pet marketplace haram?

I know that selling pets (cats, dogs, etc) is haram in Islam. Source: I am a web developer and am not sure if I can create my client an ...
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Having A Squirrel as a pet

So Inshallah I will be Getting a Squirrel but I don't know if it is prohibited in Islam should I keep it in a cage or on a bed or nest do I have to keep it complete solitare from it's Family or if I ...
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Will my Rewards get deducted by keeping a cat

Assalamualaikum , Brothers And Sisters. It is said that keeping a pet dog will keep the Angels away and deduct the rewards from the prayers. But I didn't get exact research about keeping any other ...
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Keeping a dog inside the house

Assalamou ailekom I would like to know if my prayers are accepted or not if I have a dog in the my house. My brother adopted it without permission from us but we had to keep it since we got ...
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Are domestic rats allowed as pets in Islam? [duplicate]

One of my friends have been keeping domestic rats and me and her are wondering if it’s haram to do so,she has about 5 and said I should get one,but when I searched if it’s permissible to keep rats I ...
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Neuter a cat allowed in Islam? [duplicate]

Is neutering a male cat allowed in Islam. I have heard people saying that it will hurt the cat so it is not allowed. But vet(pet doctor) says Veterinarians provide cats with general anesthesia so ...
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Keeping a animal as a pet [duplicate]

I'm asking this this because I heard not all animals are allowed to be kept as pets and I was wondering if I'm allowed to keep an African gray parrot or macaw parrot any color or to have any kind of ...
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Is it haram to neuter a pet cat?

My husband and I have two 6-month old kittens: one male and one female which we keep as indoor pets. I have concerns about the male cat, particularly as my husband and I are about to Insha’Allah have ...
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Can we have a dog as pet as long as we don't touch its saliva?

A friend of mine have a dog pet. i asked her if it's allowed in islam and she said it's okay as long as we don't touch the saliva. She also means that petting dog is allowed. Is it true? is there ...
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Is it haram to keep pets?

Is it haram to keep pets in your house? I know that if you have a dog in your house then the angels may not enter you house but what about other pets such as cats?
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Why is dogs saliva considered Haram in Islam?

Is there a prohibition to take care of dogs in the rule in Islam, because I just to know it is haram if exposed to saliva alone?
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Does Islam allow to keep any pets that aren't dogs but are still part of the dog family?

Under the assumption that keeping a dog itself is haram, can Muslims keep pets such as foxes or wolves, which are closely related to dogs but not actually full-breed dogs? Or can they not keep ...
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Is breeding dogs at home permissible in Islam?

Assume that I have dogs and I'm breeding them. They enter my home and my room where I pray. Is that permissible in Islam? And if I don't let them enter my room but let them stay in the rest of the ...
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What kind of pets can I keep in my house?

Islam considers cleanliness very important, and keeping some kind of pets can sometimes be a burden in terms of cleanliness. This looks like a contradiction to me. Is there a law about keeping pets? ...
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