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Can men pray at home for avoiding the bad smell of people at mosque?

Can men pray at home for avoiding the bad smell of people at mosque? Its very irritating. can i pray at home for concentrate on salah by avoiding those bad smells coming from people's sweating dress ...
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Must women bathe after wearing perfume or makeup in public?

Is it true that a women who wears perfume or makeup in public should take ghusul when she comes home?
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Can I use perfume that contain alcohol and will it affect my prayer? [duplicate]

I want to know is it haram to use perfume that contain alcohol and if I use it will my Salat and prayers will be accepted?
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Is using alcoholic perfume haram? [duplicate]

We know that alcohol is polluted in Islam and also we know that some perfumes has alcohol in their mixture, so I want to know if using such perfumes is Haram or not?
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Why does this hadith say that wearing perfume is allowed while in Ihram state?

It's stated in Saheeh Muslim (source) that 'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that when the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) intended to enter upon the state of Ihram he perfumed himself with ...
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Is it permitted to use perfumes while fasting?

I heard that it is makrooh to use perfumes in ramadan. Did the prophet (PBUH) allow us to use perfumes (without alcohol) during fasting in Ramadan? Please post some hadiths regarding this.
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4 votes
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Are aphrosidacs in perfume permissible?

There are some perfumes that use pheromones and musk, with the intention of making members of the opposite sex chemically attracted to the perfume user. Are these permissible? I think it goes under ...
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Alcohol in perfumes?

I've viewed a few websites in search of an answer to whether alcohol is permitted in perfumes, trying to answer my friend's question. However, I can't find a definitive answer to this question; some ...
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