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Refers usually to the biological father and mother

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Is it okay to get married then a year or so later tell the parents?

Suppose you are an adult (according to Allah) like 16-18, but a child according to society and your family, and you want to get married for Islamic reasons (keeping away from zinnah [adultery]) and ...
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My parents forbid me to marry; what happens if I commit zina?

I am a 23-year old boy and doing a good job in capital of Pakistan. We are only 3 brothers, no sister (reason to tell is there no responsibility of her marriage). I am eldest of all, we are a upper-...
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Are children punished for the sins of their parents? Or rewarded for their good deeds?

Does Allah (swt) punish (in this life and in the Hereafter) the sons/daughters for misdeeds committed by the father/mother? Are sons/daughters rewarded (in this life and in the Hereafter) for the good ...
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Is a mother's curse real in Islam?

I've been seeking for answer and asking some advice related to this problem, but I haven't found the answer yet. In my country, we are superstitious about the belief that if our biological mother is ...
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What justifies having children if there is a possibility that they will suffer eternally in the afterlife?

One of the subjects which I have been perplexed about is the conflict between procreation and antinatalism. Islam places great emphasis on the family unit and raising children. Of course, this is in ...
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Can a girl tell her parents that she doesn’t want to get married at all? [duplicate]

I am a 25-year old Muslim living in the UK with my parents and siblings, and I have been in love with a non-Muslim man for 3 years. We agree this will not lead anywhere, both out families would not ...
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How will Allah forgive me after shouting at my father?

My parents fight so much. My father screams at my mother and sometimes hit her (lightly) but it affects me and everyone in the house because we get scared. One day my father was super angry and ...
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Who should you obey if your parents contradict each other?

Who should you listen to from your parents if they contradict each other? For example if your father first ordered you to not be an engineer but to be a doctor, and then your mother order you to not ...
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Conflict of personality

Is calling Shia and Wahhabis non Muslims, calling lavish Quran kawanis (collective reading naats) etc, I am opposed to it as I have believe that Allah should be only one who has right to call anyone ...
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Children disabled because parents have sinned

I am from a culture where people say they follow Islam, but they keep saying strange things to me which don't seem to fit in with what I am reading in the Quran. For example, one of the things people ...
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disrespecting parents

asalam o alaykum. 1: i wanted to ask that on many islamic youtube videos i have heard that if you disrespect your parents, then all of your good deeds will be nullified and you will not enter paradise....
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What is said about getting good deeds when helping sick parents?

My mother was very sick so I had to stay and sleep in the hospital for a few days and help her with walking, going to the bathroom, calling the nurse, trying to feed her,...etc. She is much better now ...
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My father is forcing me to wear the hijab

My father have been forcing me to wear the hijab for a couple of months now, is it permissible? For context he didn’t advice me gently but instead used violence and threatened to murder me if I don’t ...
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