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Tafseer book mainly focused on why certain ayath were revealed

Are there books—preferably in English (but if not, in Arabic)—which focus mainly on, to our best knowledge, why certain Quran ayath were revealed? (What was the context at the time they were revealed?)...
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When did dead animals (mayta) become prohibited (haram) for muslims?

I have gone through the verses in the Quran where dead animals (mayta) is mentioned to be prohibited for a Muslim to eat (except situations where it really is necessary). What I can recall for now is ...
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Is there a way to reconcile the traditional chronology of early surahs with the biographies of Muhammad?

All the lists I have found concerning the traditional order of revelation say the first surah was Alaq (96), and the second, after the long silence, was Qalam (68). But the biographies and tafsirs I ...
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When was the first word "Kafir" / "Kuffar" reveal in the quran? and which surah?

I'm currently curious about the word Kafir in the Quran, I read from And then I’m starting to think, which was the first ayah reveal in the Quran talking about "Kafir"? ...
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Did the Prophet marry any more wives after the revelation of 4:3?

I have some questions regarding the revelation of An-Nisa 3, in particular the part where it is said …marry those that please you of women, two or three or four… Was this revealed ...
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