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How to pray while being observed and you are hiding your conversion from your family?

I embraced Islam recently thanks to Allah. I was brought up and am living now in a christian society, which is a very bad environment that hinders me from clinching to my new religion. My question ...
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Can a weak Muslim country at war with a powerful Muslim country seek help from a powerful non-Muslim country?

Suppose two Muslim countries are at war, one weak country and one powerful country, and the weak one expects to be conquered. Question: Can a weak Muslim country at war with a powerful Muslim country ...
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Does obeying the "law of the land" extend to extraterritorial jurisdiction?

Generally, Muslims are required to obey the "law of the land". Muslims are generally obliged to abide by the laws of the land and the country they live in... -- However, ...
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What to do when in a Western country a member of the opposite sex tries to shake hands?

If in a Western country a member of the opposite sex stretches his/her hand with the intention of shaking hands (as a greeting), how should a Muslim behave?
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What is the correct procedure for talaq regarding notifying the mosque, paperwork, and living arrangements?

If a couple (interfaith) have been married both religiously (in Islam and civil courthouse in the west), what is the correct procedure for a Talaq? Saying "I divorce you" x 3 essentially means in ...
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Does being forced to sign separation papers count as talaq?

In a western country, such as Canada, if someone is forced to sign separation papers with his first wife for the citizenship claim of his second wife (though neither the man nor the first wife want to ...
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Migration to non-muslim land because of social persecution because of racism

Is it allowed for Muslims to migrate to a non-Muslim land if he is persecuted socially for racial reasons? I read it somewhere that Muslims can migrate to a non-Muslim land if they are persecuted ...
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Muslim prohibition on swearing oath of allegiance to secular power

I have read that a Muslim is prohibited from swearing an oath of allegiance to a secular power, e.g., the government of the United States, by specific language in the Quran. On-line references which I ...
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Does my wife filing for divorce in the USA count as an Islamic divorce according to the Sunni school of thought?

Me and my wife married in another country in the Islamic way, then married again in a USA court. Now she filed for divorce in a USA court and I also signed paper but court haven't given a decision yet....
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Are Muslims obligated to follow the law of the land even where it is unenforcable, contradictory or uninterpretable?

It is commonly said that Muslims must follow the law of the land (with 'land' referring to dar al-kuffar and dar al-harb) but it is also well known that laws in the west regularly contradict each ...
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I want to grow in my din but having a lack of understanding

I'm american born muslim since i was a young boy. I find it hard to keep up with my din or feel like i'm not dong it right. I don't read arabic, i have trouble understanding or even keeping up with ...
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I go to school and this girl she always bullies me.(non muslim country) And she hits me. I went to the principal about her but nothing was done because there is no proof and this makes me feel very ...
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