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Is it permissible to eat chicken and beef in a non-Muslim country?

I have a relative who remain in a non-Muslim country where only a few Muslims exist. He is afraid of eating chicken and beef as he does not know who and how the animal slaughtered. What does Islam ...
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What should I do if Canadian law and Sharia law are incompatible?

Living in Canada, If I find myself in a situation where Sharia law and Canadian law are incompatible, which should I follow? For example, I would like to practice polygyny. I would like 3 more wives,...
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Is a marriage which is illegal in the host country still Islamically valid?

News from my home town reports of an Islamic child marriage: A 34-year-old Melbourne man has cried in court while pleading guilty to illegally marrying a 14-year-old bride in an Islamic wedding ...
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Is it permissible to eat meat in Western restaurants given that it is permissible to eat meat from People of the Book?

I always have eaten halal meat and nothing else. I am now in the USA and some places have no halal places at all so it can be difficult at times to eat meat. I was informed that Allah SWT has given ...
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Is it ok to add a typical secular western (non-christian) first name to my name to reduce discrimination?

I have a very common Muslim name like Muhammad Öztürk. I live in Western Europe. I think about adding a secular (non-Christian) second given name like Louis/Loic (French version) or Ludwig (German ...
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Is attaching oneself to Nationalism of a non Islamic country a big sin? [duplicate]

I came across these hadiths which perplexed me: It is narrated that, Rasulullah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “He is Not one of us who calls for asabiyyah, (tribalism/nationalism) or who fights ...
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Is there any passage in the Qur'an that is incompatible with US law? [closed]

My friend is saying that Islam is not compatible with Western society, but every single example he gives me is not true! For example, in US law it is perfectly fine for me to avoid pork. In terms of ...
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Do Muslims have to obey the "law of the land"?

A common statement that is heard is that "Muslims have to obey the law of the land," and usually the "law of the land" refers to non-Muslim countries which neither base their laws ...
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