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About film industry and salah relating it

Assalamualakum. Iam an assistant film director from india.And iam always having a big trouble inside my mind when iam working on my set about prayers and i cant pray at exact time everyday all the ...
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Assalam o alaikum. I want to ask if is it halal to earn money through youtube when you're making movie content?

I actually have two youtube channels and I make movies on the games such as roblox and basically most of the viewers are non muslims. So is it permissible for me to take such cartoon film movies which ...
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Fiction stories like Harry Potter

Is taking Harry Potter quizzes online or watching the movies just for fun haram or shirk in any way?
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Is watching YouTube movies haram?? I mean uploaded by some third party users

My question is whether watching YouTube movies is haram?? But when it comes to watching thought is YouTube users usually upload movies.. but they may or may not have their rights towards ...
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Is it haram to design tshirt and sell it online?

I am a Graphics Designer. I want to design t-shirt and then upload it to some online marketplace, where I can sell it. So, the problem is, I want to use Anime (Japanese Animation based on manga/comics)...
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Looking at Video that contains mockery to Islam

What's the ruling on someone who intentionally watch a joke video or a movie that contains (or may contain) mockery to Islam? Will we be considered as an apostate If we're watching such video/movie ...
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Cancer among performing artists [closed]

For a while I am observing that Muslim singers/actors in my country are suffering from various forms of cancers. Can there be any explanation from Islamic perspective? Or, am I just trying to ...
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Is it haram to continue watching a movie/series after it shows something offensive about Islam?

If for I watch a show or a movie which has a line which is offensive about our religion or any scene which we shouldn't see. Is it haram for me to watch the rest of the seasons or the movie even ...
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Is it an act of kufr to watch a movie wanting a wizard to use his magical powers?

I was once watching a movie where the main character was a wizard. The movie depicted this wizard in a way which showed him to be good. In the plot the wizard took a vow never to use his powers. But I ...
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Is watching animated cartoons allowed?

Is watching animated cartoons allowed? If the cartoon has an animated scene of kissing, can I watch it? Should my kids be allowed to watch cartoons? I know that making images is haraam in islam (90% ...
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Is it permissible to work in the company that distributes movies?

I am working as a Software Developer in an IT firm. There business is a subscription-based Internet TV service offering Asian movies, TV shows and music videos. I am developing Softwares for that ...
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What is the Islamic ruling regarding depiction of prophets or companions of prophets in movies?

What is the Islamic ruling regarding depiction of prophets (peace be upon them all) or companions of Prophet Muhammad (God bless them) in movies and TV shows?
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2 answers

Is watching movies permissible in Islam?

Are movies allowed in Islam? I am speaking about sci fi, romance, horror, comedy or cartoon movies. Reading this question makes me think only horror movies are an exception rest all are allowed. ...
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Are horror movies haram?

I've heard some people said that everything made me scared is forbidden in Islam, Is that right? If so, are horror movies haram in the light of Quran and sunnah?
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