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why don’t men have to mourn their dead wife while a woman has to mourn her dead husband

this is something that has been bothering me for a while and I was hoping someone could answer or educate me on this topic. when a woman's husband dies she must wait 4 months and a couple of days ...
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2 answers

Can a Shia wife perform matam even if her Sunni husband prohibits?

If I am a Shia girl married to a Sunni boy who doesn't want me to do matam (mourning) only, should I follow my husband or perform the matam no matter what?
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2 votes
1 answer

Why Matam by Shias when maximum mourning period is 4 months?

How do Shias justify their Mourning (Matam) over Battle Of Karbala? We know that maximum mourning period of someone's death is 4 months 10 days (that too for a widow) but they do it every year. ...
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Is it permissible to make shabih(replica) of taboot (bier), zari and a'lam(Islamic flag)?

Shias (mostly in South-Asian countries) make replicas of taboot (biet), zari, zuljana and a'lam (Islamic flag) during Muharram processions. From where has this practice started and is it allowed in ...
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15 votes
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What do Shi'a Muslims do in Ashura? And why they do it?

Why do Shi'a Muslims hit chests, slapping cheeks, hit shoulders with chains and, hit heads with swords and shed blood during Ashura? These reprehensible things forbidden by the Prophet (peace be upon ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What does Islam say about flagellating?

I came across to this video. Imam and people around him are flogging themselves. Why? What does this mean in Islam? any hadith or Quran to back this up? PS: I am not being funny or insulting anyone....
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